Marion - This is the best thing about get to take these kind of them!!!!  03.02.10, 10:35pm
jenna - could they be any cuter?!  03.02.10, 8:40pm
Jen - Very Cute!  03.01.10, 7:35am
Laura Burns - When we first met you, you had just given birth to your younger son. Can't believe how fast time flies! Great shots of your little men!  02.27.10, 6:52pm
nicole - Your boys are TOO adorable - I can't take it - what little heartbreakers! Obviously they have a great mom!  02.27.10, 5:10am
jenn - I've said it before, but I can't help but to say it again...your boys make me SO excited to watch N&L grow up and be best buds. They couldn't look any happier, and although I'm sick of the snow, how can you look at these and not smile?!  02.25.10, 3:42pm
Mary Dunlap - Love this. Your boys exude happiness. Says a lot about their mom ; )  02.25.10, 2:47pm
jen - how many times can i say LOVE THEM!!! really... do you ever take a blah photo??!! your boys are beyond handsome!!! thanks or sharing!!  02.25.10, 1:18pm
jessica - so fun!!! looks like a really great snow day :)  02.25.10, 11:59am
stacy - OMG how cute! they are such great friends and have such a wonderful mommy!  02.25.10, 11:29am