Nichole - Carissa! You look so beautiful!! I can't wait to see the baby pictures:o) Amazing job as usual Alison!  03.01.10, 12:13pm
jen - COLORS! COLORS!COLORS!!! SO AWESOME!! she is just amazingly beautiful! can't wait to see the baby too!!  02.25.10, 1:20pm
Marcee - she's beautiful!!  02.25.10, 1:20pm
Amy - O my gosh Carr ~ You are one hot momma! You look stunning! I'm so excited for you and Brett. I can't wait for peanut!!!  02.25.10, 7:22am
Mandi - BEAUTIFUL!  02.24.10, 12:59pm
laura - stunning! beautiful! Love the colors of her clothing and how they pop off the snowy backdrop. yes, another standing ovation!  02.24.10, 9:51am
Denise - Carissa is so gorgeous! I love these pics!!!!!!!!!!!!  02.24.10, 9:44am
Jen - Carissa you look beautiful! Congrats to you and Brett! P.S. this is Jenna's cousin so you don't think I'm some weirdo :)  02.24.10, 6:52am
jamie miller shipon - What beautiful pictures. Carissa-so excited for you and Brett. Congratulations!  02.24.10, 6:43am
daryal - Great job capturing the inner beauty of one of the most amazing people i know!Carissa congrats and luv ya tons.miss ya! have a safe and great pregnancy, looking forward to meeting the little one!luv,Christie& Daryal  02.23.10, 11:31pm
Shennon - was so nice meeting you the other day. You are such a beautiful person both inside and out. Alison...I had no doubt the pictures would be perfect.  02.23.10, 7:55pm
jessica - i just love these :)  02.23.10, 7:47pm
Lynne Fedorcha - Love the pictures, Carissa...sounds redundant, but you are absolutely beautiful! Best wishes for a happy delivery.  02.23.10, 7:39pm
abby ogden - Carissa looks radiant! I want to touch her tummy! What a beautiful scene.  02.23.10, 7:00pm
stacy - carissa looks absolutely beautiful! what great shots alison and i love her outfit!!!  02.23.10, 6:46pm
jenna - LOVE IT!!! Carissa, you look BEAUTIFUL!! Can't wait to meet the peanut! :)  02.23.10, 5:58pm
Meg - Love these. Alison you make every day life so beautiful. Which is such a gift - you are giving people such beautiful memories. And of course it helps when your friends are gorgeous.  02.23.10, 5:30pm
Anne - WOW - What a beautiful pregnant woman! She is glowing. Love the simplicity and the light and the colors!  02.23.10, 5:10pm
Carissa - Ali and Shannon, you are both so talented! I felt like such a goof all pregnant trapsing around in the snow but together you made it look beautiful! I'm truly spoiled! =)  02.23.10, 5:08pm
jenn - She is by far one of the most beautiful pregnant women I have ever seen! I love her outfit, and she truly is glowing! So pretty!  02.23.10, 4:38pm