john pascale - Incredible! I love every one, but the sun flare and ring shots rock my socks off!  02.12.10, 2:52pm
shenel - they are beautiful. i bet there was some proud parents on that day. georgious x  02.07.10, 9:25am
wedding photographer orange county - Wow Alison, I came to your site through your web designer. Just wonderful photos. Absolutely love them. Hoffmann  01.28.10, 3:16pm
Rico - Great pics!  01.28.10, 8:12am
Kathy T - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE 'em...Nice job, Alison. Lisa, your beauty was captured in these photos. I'm sure you & Matt must be thrilled with these gorgeous memories of your wedding day...can't wait to see the rest!  01.28.10, 4:53am
Denise - These are wonderful pictures, Matt you look so much like Grandad Jack its spooky! xx  01.28.10, 2:46am
stacy - what a cool ring shot alison! i love the photos, and your right, her bm dresses are so cute!  01.27.10, 6:58pm
jenn - I absolutely adore the BM's dresses! And the ring shot is perfect. So beautiful.  01.27.10, 3:58pm
Kim - The ring shot is the most clever one I have seen yet- perfect Al!  01.27.10, 2:44pm
cindee bae - I agree, love the ring shot, so fitting with the season + photos of them on the frozen lake..  01.27.10, 1:31pm
Janet - You are so clever with the ring shot being on ice. Stellar images and what a beautiful smile the bride has.  01.27.10, 1:19pm
Anne - What an incrediable wedding. I also love the teel dresses and what a stunning bride. Her dress is perfect. Do you know where she got it? And how just amazing that the lake was frozen over. It is such a perfect memory to always have. All of your images amaze me.  01.27.10, 1:14pm
Isabel - LURRVEEE the frozen lake shot. :)  01.27.10, 1:12pm
jordanna Egan - Nice work :)  01.27.10, 1:05pm