jill - i noticed a few comments about the cake .. so i wanted to mention that it was created by "the flour shop" in bethlehem. they are incredible (and DELICIOUS)!!  02.02.10, 9:15pm
Georgina - Jean The Picture are beautiful, just like the Wedding party we love every minute , thank you for having us......  01.28.10, 9:02am
Elizabeth - that is the greatest cake I've ever seen! so awesome! :)  01.26.10, 2:10pm
Jen - Very pretty! That cake looks very yummy :)  01.25.10, 9:47am
jean - When you help plan an event and it comes out just as planned, the bride and groom are thrilled - and the photographer captures it all!!Perfection!  01.22.10, 1:05pm
stacy - gorgeous -- love her cake!  01.22.10, 6:39am
jessica - beautiful photographs! looks like a wonderful celebration :) what a great dress!  01.21.10, 3:40pm
jenn - So beautiful! I love her cake!  01.21.10, 2:29pm
esther - a perfect nite. great pictures. i am partial to daddy and daugher dancing. the pictures say it all.  01.21.10, 2:23pm
Sarah - I had the pleasure of attending this party and the pictures capture all the right moments. The Father, Daughter dance was enough to make anyone cry and the joy of the bride and groom radiated to all the guests. Love you Phil and Jill.  01.21.10, 12:27pm
cindee bae - these images are gorgeous!!!!  01.21.10, 12:23pm
jill (bride) - these photos capture the magic perfectly. thank you so much, alison. i could relive that night for the rest of my life :)  01.21.10, 11:29am
Anne - Love her dress and the cake! What a fun party. It has such a great feel.  01.21.10, 10:37am