Dan Reid - Excellent photography!  08.22.13, 6:09pm
Kristi Wright - These are so amazing!!  01.21.10, 1:26pm
jenna - I am obsessed with the room they got married in!! I LOVE the look of all of the bookshelves! :) Beautiful wedding, beautiful pictures!  01.10.10, 10:15am
Sandi - These are just gorgeous! I love how elegant even the casual shots are.  01.07.10, 3:09pm
Jen Moccia, Part 2 - PS) I love how she has red shoes and the groom wore red socks! :) So cute.. and I almost died over that cake topper. The details in this wedding were amazing, so pretty & fun!  01.07.10, 8:56am
Jen Moccia - Those first two shots are so beautiful.. I love them... but I love all of them! Amazing!! :)  01.07.10, 8:52am
jenn - These are incredible! What a beautiful bride! And, I love love love the hanger! Gotta love etsy!  01.06.10, 4:42pm
john pascale - stunning!  01.06.10, 4:32pm
jessica & rob - Oh Alison, they are just amazing. We cannot thank you enough for capturing every moment and emotion on our wedding day. We love every single picture and are so thankful to have found you. INCREDIBLE!!! :)  01.05.10, 11:10am
Kim - The library shot ROCKS! What a fun venue and gorgeous bride!  01.05.10, 10:06am
Aunt Susan - Fabulous pictures of a fabulous wedding! Everything about the day was perfect and fun. Kodos to Alison for capturing the happiness of Jessica and Rob's perfect day. (Where's Lumpy though??)  01.05.10, 8:05am
Jen - This couple is adorable and I love how you captured them!  01.05.10, 7:11am
danielle - love these!!!! they are so great! that venue looks amazing! that was our minister :))  01.04.10, 9:46pm
mary - the pictures are STUNNING, you are the best! the first b&w posted from the ceremony is my favorite...the way they are looking at each other says it all :)  01.04.10, 7:59pm
Anne - I am obsessed with the library shots and the photo of just Jessica outside looking down. Amazing light and such a beautiful original portrait! oh and the PB&J ring photo - PERFECTION  01.04.10, 7:10pm
nicole - LOVE the venue - how beautiful and unique :) what a great idea for the rings -PB&J, huh? these two look SO happy in the last shot - how perfect love can be !  01.04.10, 6:21pm
Laurie Sasko - Alison - your work is truly amazing, you're so gifted. I find myself looking forward to your weekly postings and feel like I'm at the party each and every time. You captured the magic of this wonderful couple and perfect night !!  01.04.10, 5:29pm
Mom & Dad - WOW!  01.04.10, 4:42pm