Cindy - OMG Alison these are amazing! I love the simplicity of the romantic. ah. love!!  12.30.09, 4:22pm
maria - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. these are beautiful, and i so agree about the snow... :)  12.29.09, 9:48am
angela - Emily and Tom, these pictures are soooo amazing! They are you guys to a T! love you guys!  12.28.09, 11:53am
john pascale - Beautiful photos, and those eyes! Wowsers! Nice!  12.28.09, 11:45am
Jen - These photos are so cute! I got engaged in December so I really think it is a romantic time of year!  12.28.09, 8:37am
Jen - These photos are fun! I like the mug shots.. so warm & cozy!!! :) Plus, her boots are killer!  12.26.09, 6:32pm
jenna - Love, love, love! Merry Christmas :)  12.26.09, 9:23am
jenn - Wow! There are so many of these that I love, I couldn't possibly pick a favorite! These are some of the best ones I've seen! LOVE them!  12.25.09, 9:58pm
jessica - I love these! So wintery and cozy :)  12.25.09, 8:44am
nicole - Love the last shot - how precious! The snow shots are also amazing :)  12.24.09, 8:38pm
stacy - LOVE these, so cute! i love how outdoorsie (is that a word?) they are and how natural, yet holidayish! LOVE them!  12.24.09, 8:08pm
Anne - These are beautiful!! I love the snow and what a gorgeous couple. Love her scarf and coat what a great home. Merry Christmas Allison!!  12.24.09, 12:55pm