maria - too too cute! such a treasure for everyone to have...  12.29.09, 9:46am
jenna - This is just too cute! :)  12.26.09, 9:24am
Marion - Another great day with you guys...Birdie thinks your hot cocoa is better than mine!!!!  12.23.09, 7:15pm
Jen - So cute!  12.23.09, 8:29am
laura - : ) & noticing that they (once again) have the same missing front tooth! thanks for sharing their mini-love story with us all.. + any slideshow with great music to follow????!  12.23.09, 5:03am
jenn - Oh good lord, this is too cute. I am going to be VERY disappointed if they don't get married one day!  12.22.09, 8:43pm
stacy - OMG how cute! these are the fabulous moments to look back on! They are too adorable!  12.22.09, 6:48pm
Deann B. - These are all so stinkin' cute! They are all going to treasure these photos someday (while the rest of us are absolutely loving them now!!).  12.22.09, 4:43pm
Erica - oh my gosh! So cute. Moses gets more adorable every day!! (Love love your Christmas card btw!)  12.22.09, 4:13pm
Tina - So cute as always - I hope they grow up and get married one day!  12.22.09, 4:12pm