Anne Litzenberger Rice - What a joyful picture. Thanks for sharing. I recently read: "We are born owning many qualities: some we may never know we possess. It all depends what kind of run God gives us. " I am sure you & your family found many unknow qualities this past year. And may 2010 be a year of peace, calm and joy.  12.19.09, 7:59pm
jenna - What an amazing story! Geneva is beautiful!  12.19.09, 1:44pm
Kim - Beautiful story, thank you for sharing. All the best to Jen and her family!  12.19.09, 1:26am
jenn - Stacy took the words right out of my mouth. You ARE a wonderful friend to so many, and you share such an amazing gift. Beautiful story, amazing picture!  12.18.09, 8:21pm
Marcee Schultz - God is good, all the time. What a blessing for this family.  12.18.09, 4:17pm
Krysta - Omigoodness... look at all that hair on that beautiful little miracle baby... what an incredibly happy image.  12.18.09, 1:27pm
stacy - beautiful story and beautiful children! great job truly are a wonderful friend to many and an exceptional photographer!  12.18.09, 12:49pm
Erica - Wow. Just incredible. What BEAUTIFUL children. Merry almost Christmas Alison :)  12.18.09, 12:17pm
jean - great story and beautiful always i love your kid're the best! Happy Holidays!  12.18.09, 12:11pm