jenna - What a perfect way to remember a great trip for both you and Geoff :) wooohoo!  12.16.09, 8:25pm
dara - congrats!!!!!!! :)  12.16.09, 7:13am
jessica - Congratulations!  12.15.09, 11:58pm
Marcee - Congrats!!! Well deserved!  12.15.09, 9:38am
Danielle and Aaron - SOOOOO cool Alison! Congrats on the pub. Well deserved and those photos were, as usual, so amazing.  12.15.09, 7:38am
Jen - Congratulations! You totally deserve this! Heres to many more!  12.15.09, 7:18am
roni moyer - Congratulations! No surprise here - no one better to capture that once-in-a-lifetime event.  12.15.09, 5:07am
stacy - kudos to you and geoff on an excellent job! and beautiful photos!  12.14.09, 8:26pm
Cathy - Beautiful, Alison.....Congratulations!!! Well Deserved.  12.14.09, 7:48pm
Deann B. - Congrats! You guys deserve this!  12.14.09, 6:43pm
danielle - yayyyyy! congrats :)  12.14.09, 6:17pm
Roseanne - Congratulations Alison! You have such talent! You certainly deserve this recognition! Way to go!!  12.14.09, 6:14pm
AC - Congratulations! You so deserve that. You are truly exceptional.  12.14.09, 3:48pm
jenn - Congrats! Couldn't think of a more deserving person. Just beautiful!  12.14.09, 3:44pm
Amy Brennan - Congrats Alison ! You deserve this and so much more!  12.14.09, 2:30pm
Nicole - CONGRATS ALISON!!!!  12.14.09, 2:27pm