Steph - He is the CUTEST little boy!! Awesome photos!  12.07.09, 5:45pm
Jen - Such beautiful eyes and eyelashes...what a doll!  12.07.09, 9:50am
Jo-Ann - Kate and Dan, The pictures are amazing!!!! He is so cute.  11.30.09, 10:11am
jenna - What a little cutie pie! :)  11.29.09, 10:00am
stacy - alison... these are too cute! he is such a cute little boy!  11.29.09, 8:48am
Kate - I love these pictures! I am so greatful for them, Alison, I hope you know how wonderful and talented you are ! Thank you for the great memories!  11.28.09, 9:49pm
jenn - What a cutie! His eyelashes are to die for! Great shots.  11.28.09, 9:00pm
Tracey - Beautiful pictures!! You've captued the beauty we see everyday and can now share it with the world. :-) Thank you, Alison!!  11.28.09, 8:36pm
Mary H. - Love that first photo of Jackson sticking his tongue out. What great memories!  11.28.09, 11:15am
Anne - What a cute family. Love the colors. And of course that shirt is so cute!  11.28.09, 10:03am
matt - that is the coolest kid i've ever seen  11.28.09, 7:49am