stacy - the last one is my favorite! too cute!  11.29.09, 8:48am
jenn - These are too cute! I LOVE the last one.  11.28.09, 9:00pm
Cindy - Alison, it was so nice to meet you. The pictures are beautiful!! Looking forward to the wedding.  11.28.09, 1:16pm
Anne - These are so pretty. The water looks so peaceful and calm. What a cute couple.  11.28.09, 10:03am
Lindsey - Alison they are beautiful! Thank you soo much!  11.28.09, 8:19am
molly - i love the dock shots and the one in front of the old car. it really does feel like you are the only people in the town. great job alison  11.28.09, 7:51am