Jen - I love how 1) she's kicking her foot up in the pic 2) she's wearing uggs... cutest. ever.  11.11.09, 6:41pm
amanda - stop the madness... her leg is just too funny! how sweet!  11.04.09, 8:02am
laura - i was wondering if they were still an "item!" can't wait to see the pumpkin photos & love her boots!  10.29.09, 7:21pm
jenna -! SO AWESOME! I love that she's all pink with knee high boots, so stylish :) Hope your house is germ free soon!  10.29.09, 4:19pm
jenn - oh my gosh, she is ADORABLE! I love her foot in the air! And, did she have help with drawing shoes?! Because she drew uggs and sneakers way better then I ever could!  10.29.09, 4:11pm
Jen A. - Too. Darn. Cute. = )  10.29.09, 2:59pm
stacy - that is so cute! i love how her little foot is kicked up! so adorable!  10.29.09, 2:30pm
marcee - Seriously, this couldn't be any cuter!! I will make peace with Aidan someday having a little girlfriend if she's half as cute as Rhiannon.  10.29.09, 1:35pm
Jen - They are sooo cute together! I still remember my first boyfriend and ironically his name was Domenick! I love young innocent love :) I hope your boys feel better real soon!  10.29.09, 1:03pm
Erica - oh my gosh...sooooo freaking cute. Hope you have a great Halloween and I hope the boys feel better  10.29.09, 12:57pm