Jodi - Congratagulations - you look so happy!  10.29.09, 5:15am
Jeanette Kaplan (Nettie) - Lovely to see them so happy - Mazeltov Love Nettie XXX See you at the wedding  10.28.09, 11:43pm
Robyn Kaplan - What a happy and beautiful couple!! Much love to you all Robyn, David and the Girls  10.27.09, 9:13pm
Emily and Kevin - These are soo cute Lisa!! My favs are the one where you're holding hands (against the maroon wall) and the one where you're sitting on the sidewalk in front of the fence. I love them!  10.27.09, 8:54pm
jenn - LOVE the last black and white shot! What a sweet looking couple! Great pictures!  10.27.09, 8:06pm
Sue Glasser - Wonderful Photos .. congratulations.. we miss you! With love from your family in Melbourne Australia  10.27.09, 8:03pm
stacy - so pretty! i love the mauve wall! that just pops and is so cute!  10.27.09, 6:13pm
chris and phil - what beautiful, sensitive photographes! their love and laughter just shines out from every one, excellent work, xx  10.27.09, 5:13pm
jenna - yes, someone has been a busy little bee, haven't you?!? All awesome pics, as usual!  10.27.09, 1:17pm
Erica - My goodness have you been busy. Lots of beautiful beautiful pictures. Hope you guys are doing well  10.27.09, 12:37pm