Karen - Simply Beautiful. I am a HUGE fan of Alison's work (I check her blog EVERY Sunday evening before I start the work week!) I am simply delighted she will photograph your upcoming wedding! Its been so long since I've seen you & you've grown into such a beautiful woman! Take care & congratulations! Karen (Cummings) Skoczynski  11.01.09, 10:02pm
Kristin - All the pictures are gorgeous! I especially love the close up one of Kara and Dennis! I am looking forward to the wedding and more beautiful pictures!  10.29.09, 2:27pm
Aunt Lisa - What beautiful moments you have captured for Kara and Dennis. My favorite is Kara laying on his chest and smiling. What an emotion you can feel. Looking foward to the wedding !  10.28.09, 10:06pm
Roseanne - Alison, the pictures are so beautiful! I can't decide which is my favorite! I have been looking at your blog every week since we booked you for Kara and Dennis's wedding. I am a huge fan of yours--you are so very talented! Thank you! Now I am really looking forward to the wedding!  10.27.09, 3:20pm
jenn - These are so beautiful! Gorgeous couple, and she has adorable boots!  10.27.09, 7:59am
stacy - so love the picture of her laying on his chest...such sweet emotion!  10.26.09, 7:43pm
jenna - love the one of kara lying on dennis' chest. If she's anything like me, that's my favorite place to be in the whole world (well, on Kody's chest that is!)  10.26.09, 3:08pm