jamie - how cool!!!  09.03.09, 11:29am
Nicole - L O V E !!!!!  08.25.09, 6:27am
jenn - I'm dying...this is so beautiful! I am SO looking forward to these moments of my own. Precious.  08.23.09, 4:24pm
Trish - I heart this picture! Don't you just want to squeeze all 3 of them! They are so cute! Plus, I dont get to see Geoff without a hat very often :)  08.22.09, 8:30am
Erica - OH MY GOSH! Could this be any cuter. I just had to show it to Josh- he agrees!  08.21.09, 8:17pm
Marcee - We have a picture exactly like this of my little brother and my dad...it's one of our favorites!  08.21.09, 8:13pm
stacy - OMG i love it! so cute!  08.21.09, 5:06pm
Mary Dunlap - This has to be one of your favorite photos!!!  08.21.09, 2:46pm
Raquel - All your men...how cute and special!  08.21.09, 2:14pm