lina - The tree house to the mud all over the kids, brings back so many memories of being a kid playing all day with out a care in the world. Allison you've caught it all!! These are some of the most refreshing pictures...the rainy day did make these pictures that much sweeter.  06.22.09, 11:59am
jenna - awesome, awesome, awesome pics! Such great memories!  06.20.09, 10:47am
Bev - Wow, these pictures are so wonderfully done, it feels like I'm right there with them! Wow again! I wonder where Rhiannon gets her good looks (and blue eyes) from? ...Two little lovebirds sittin' in a tree...oh dang, let's leave the rest until maybe COLLEGE! LOL Beautiful work Alison!  06.19.09, 2:01pm
Nicole - What a great post! I LOVE the tree house. Wish I was a kid again.  06.19.09, 10:42am
Jeff - I know I have said this before, but you never forget your first crush and these pictures are a wonderful keepsake of that. Could you imagine if they actually got married? You would have an album from the beginning. Who can say that?  06.19.09, 9:52am
jessica - these are fantastic alison! it looks like they have a blast together. i finally have internet access (but very limited) in Germany so i got to look at your blog for the first time in ages today! hope you are doing well.  06.19.09, 8:28am
jenn - These pictures left a huge smile on my face! You can feel how much fun they are all having, and the three of them couldn't be any cuter! I LOVE the picture of them hugging, and the close-up of Jo...he's turning into such a handsome little man! Adorable!  06.19.09, 6:13am
Erica - awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you know I was so excited when I saw this post. I hope they have such a wonderful life together ;)  06.18.09, 7:33pm
COCO - Okay, so these are probably quintessential photos of what summer's all about, particularly for boys (sorry girls!) AND there is one shot of Moses that reminds me of another once little girl's face all scrunched up and mugging for the camera.....hmmmmmmm....i guess there is something in genetics after all (LOL)...and what's this with the girlfriend? I mean he seems quite possessive of her as if they are kindalike meant for one another and she's not pulling away either... hmmmmmm....oh well, once again I say, with a different meaning, "Sorry girls!" (He's taken!)...You guys are really raising amazingly gorgeous kids and yeah, I know there's some talent behind the lens, but these kids are over the top wonderful! HAPPY HAPPY SUMMER!!!! XOXO COCO  06.18.09, 7:04pm
AC - they are just too cute! Great pictures.  06.18.09, 6:38pm
Marion - We had such a great day....and that cake was just delicious!!! :0)  06.18.09, 6:13pm
stacy - cute! and what a cool tree house! i LOVE the last picture of the two of them! so sweet!  06.18.09, 6:05pm