Carol - The pictures are fantastic! Jenn,you will make a beautiful bride  06.19.09, 3:58am
Vera - Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see you get married......  06.18.09, 11:32am
Emily - I love love love these pictures! They're the big sister I know who loves to smile and laugh :] Beautiful, Alison!  06.17.09, 7:31pm
jenn - ohhh...I LOVE the last ones in the field! Perfect!  06.17.09, 5:40pm
Richard Ivins (Father of the bride) - These pictures are so beautiful, they have caught the little girl I remember, but the woman I know now.. I am overwhelmed by how Jenn and George look so perfect together and...great!!! These are wonderful pictures!!!!  06.17.09, 2:34pm
Aunt Jesse - They look so natural and uncontrived. Totally comfortable with each other. Beautiful job. Congrats, Jen and George.  06.17.09, 2:32pm
Betsey Ivins (the Mother-of-the-bride) - These pics are so totally my captured the true her so well. they seriously made me sit here and weep.  06.17.09, 2:23pm
Allyson - I love these pictures so much!!! Jenna and George look gorgeous, as usual, and Alison you just captured their emotions perfectly! Love every one of these.  06.17.09, 12:40pm
stacy - ohhh. i love the black and whites where he is blurred with a swirl! so artistic...great job!!!  06.17.09, 12:12pm
Jeff - The final shots in the field are so ridiculously good, it is almost unfair. A great series Alison!  06.17.09, 11:46am
Erica - AW! Just gorgeous! Jenn- you look SO SO happy! Congrats!  06.17.09, 11:35am
ann - i love the soft romantic colors. these are beautiful. i am sure they will treasure these for years to come.  06.17.09, 9:50am