Jeff - That cake is probably the coolest I have ever seen. Beautiful moments captured effortlessly as always Alison.  05.28.09, 3:10pm
Karen - LOVE IT! My whole fam is originally from Yonkers! :) YAY!  05.28.09, 12:55pm
stacy - such cute photos! the cake was a great idea! you captured their happiness perfectly! great job alison :)  05.28.09, 12:04pm
Briony - these are wonderful! i am pretty much in love with all the black and whites and man do i love me some dance floor shots...great job!  05.28.09, 11:33am
Erica - LOVE that cake- how cute!!!! What a fun party  05.28.09, 10:40am
Peri - Allison - these pictures are amazing. You both did such a wonderful job in capturing the love and happiness between Merri and Ned!  05.28.09, 10:39am
jenn - LOVE the picture of Perri, Justin and Gabby! Everything looked great...and the cake was too cute!  05.28.09, 10:21am