Jillian - Allison- Your work is amazing! It was such a fun day and you captured it all. Julie and Justin look amazing in all the pictures.  05.27.09, 10:48pm
Jenny - Alison - your work amazes me!!! Excellent job - you captured how glowing and happy Julie and Justin both were on their big day!  05.27.09, 8:32pm
Briony - I love them all but the shot through the window is my fave!  05.27.09, 11:30am
Jeff - Alison, The groups shots are ridiculously awesome! I love the close-ups also. There are so freakin' good my friend.  05.27.09, 11:07am
amy - ...love the veil closeups...and those black adn whites - WOW and the camera booth type shots of the wedding party....WOW!!!  05.26.09, 9:07pm
Jess - Awww... I love them! Jules, you look sooo beautiful!  05.26.09, 5:54pm
jenn - LOVE the bridal party series of individual pics! So adorable. And the flowers were amazing!  05.26.09, 5:37pm
Tina - Alison these are such amazing pictures as usual.....I love them all! Julie, you looked absolutely amazing on your big day:)  05.26.09, 3:35pm
Jessica - Beautiful! I just love the way you did the individual portraits of each member of the bridal party.  05.26.09, 2:53pm