jenna - I LOVE these...and Lindsay is GORGEOUS!!!  05.22.09, 3:06pm
kev - he looks a little like mathew mcconaughey. great part of philly. nice job.  05.19.09, 9:15pm
jenn - How cute is this couple?! They are adorable and the pictures are fabulous as always! :)  05.19.09, 1:06pm
Mandi - How cute is she!  05.19.09, 5:21am
Cindy - Every time I come here I always expect something fun and creative and you never disappoint! :)  05.18.09, 7:31pm
Erica - I know I always say this- but I just love how you capture emotions. They look SO happy. Beautiful  05.18.09, 6:35pm
amy - your work as are my hero....such peaceful happy photos...  05.18.09, 5:04pm
janine - she is beautiful! these are so very cute!  05.18.09, 3:54pm
stacy - love the photo of the iron gate...and how cute are those on the picnic table! awesome job alison!  05.18.09, 3:41pm