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a little bit of this and a little of that

02.10.14  |  Personal

i have sneak peeked many of these on my instagram but i thought i would share them on my blog as well.

first up is this little cutie :)

and pictures of jonas and moses in the snow

and three images from lev & gabby's wedding that is next up on the blog.

and pictures of our kittens - which yes - it has turned me into quite a crazy cat lady :)

and more pictures of snow... sigh. we have had tons of it and word on the street there is more headed our way this week. in a personal note i love that when moses smiles his eyes turn into half moons.

this is an adorable family that i shot while we were in boston a few weeks ago. geoff and i shot their wedding 3 years ago - so it was wonderful to catch up with them and meet their beautiful daughter.

and lastly - moses turned 10!