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matt & kim | don cesar | st pete beach fl

03.09.09  |  Weddings

the wedding was perfect. geoff and i loved being part of it. i was so excited to get started on the images that i edited these on the airplane ride home :) here are a few of our favorites.

kim & matt decided to see each other before their ceremony. so we set up their first site to be on the top of the sun lounge of the hotel. i was with kim as we rode the elevator up to see matt.

and geoff was with matt.

and then he saw her.

the bridal party was watching from down below oooing and awwwing so matt and kim gave them a smile.

it was hot there... it was around 80 - so we all just happened to walk into the ice cream shop....

the boys had chocolate ice cream cones and the girls had strawberry.

the ceremony was held in the courtyard of the don cesar.

geoff and i spent the day before finding the perfect spot for an aerial shot during the ceremony.

after the ceremony we headed to the beach

and here is the slideshow. the song i used was their first dance song 'feels like home' but instead of the original they had a close friend sing and record the song for them. which made it such a sweet moment.