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moses & rhiannon | first date

02.19.09  |  Personal

last monday was like any other monday. i picked up moses from pre-k and while we were walking out he said to me, "rhiannon gave me a note but she said i could not open it until i got home from school..." so we dug in his backpack and found the note. i read it allowed to him and my heart melted. it just melted. ( i scanned the note and i have it below.) moses blushed... and i realized that this ordinary monday was no longer ordinary - but the day moses had his first girlfriend.

and of course being the mom that i am... i had to coordinate a little date... that i just happened to bring my camera too. i mean who wouldn't want photos of their first crush? so here are a few as well as a slideshow!

they both are missing the same front tooth. i think that they are made for each other :)

here is the slideshow... just press play :)