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thank you | matters of the heart

02.24.11  |  Personal

last night was the 'matters of the heart' event hosted at the amazing venue trust. geoff and i were completely overwhelmed with all of the love and support that everyone showed for the event! i had the most amazing sponsors... two paperdolls, brown betty, feastivities events, rolling barrel events, styled creative, table art, milk & honey kids and the hamels foundation. i was so honored to be able to showcase about 40 photos throughout the gallery and since my work is all about love, i felt it was the perfect pairing to be able to give the proceeds of over $500 from the raffle to the american heart association. i lost my mom when i was 14 to heart disease - so for me it is really important to raise awareness for the AHA.

my friend denise took some fun iphone pics last night and i wanted to share them!! the prints were either framed or large canvases. i did also have a vintage slide projector that was geoff's grandfather's with an image projected on the walls. with the world being all digital and computers it was really fun for me to have this gallery full of large printed photos! the gallery will be up until march 1st - so if you happen to find yourself on 3rd and arch check it out!