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maura & bill | chester springs

06.21.09  |  Weddings

maura and bill's wedding was beyond words amazing and even though it rained for most of the day things fell into place for them. the rain would break at the exact moments they needed it to. i am at a loss of words because everything was so perfect but i want to share something that bill's sister told me before the ceremony. she was saying how thrilled she was that maura was marrying her brother and how she had never seen him so happy and so taken by anyone like he was with her. i thought that was so sweet and as the day played out it was evident to everyone there how true that was.

geoff and i loved shooting this wedding. here are a few of our favorites....

claudia seyler did everyone's hair and makeup. (and everyone looked fabulous)

walking into church...

bill waiting for the ceremony to start...

(i love the way that bill looks at maura)

there were so many details.... aren't these birdseed letters so cute!

i loved all of the wild flowers and thought the table arrangements in mason jars were the perfect touch. elaine's flowers did all of the beautiful settings.

these are their favors... little evergreens to plant

mark kingsdorf was the wedding planner for the wedding and working with him was so much fun! all of the design and details were perfect! he kept everything moving smoothly as the rain changed some plans. he did all of their place cards and invites...

i love this picture of maura looking up at the sun breaking through the clouds!

feastivities catering did all of the food for the event

and here is their slideshow. maura picked out the song :) (ingrid michaelson's cover of can't help falling in love)