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kim & rich | lehigh country club

06.20.09  |  Weddings

kim & rich's wedding yesterday was really special to me. in 2005 i photographed his brother pete's wedding and in 2007 his sister arianne's. and i owe it all to the simple fact that they happened to pick up one of my cards at a local shop. it has truly been such an honor to be part of the family's lives in such a way.

i had the intention of quickly putting together a sneak preview of one or two of the photos from last night... but that sort of turned into a few more...

here are some of my favorites!

kim looked stunning. phoebe did her beautiful flowers.

this is rich and his brother pete before the ceremony

and rich and his dad

i happened to walk in while kim and her mom were watching people arrive at the wedding.

their ceremony was perfect. in the midst of a week of rain - they were given such a beautiful day!

(oh and how adorable is this little guy??!!)

photographing kim & rich was easy. their love and joy just radiated off of them. combine that with a field of wild flowers...

and here is their slideshow