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05.15.09  |  Engagements

i had the best time with jessica and rob today. we took all of the photos at st joes where they met. if you are wondering what 'ich liebe dich' means... it is 'i love you' in german. jessica was majoring in german and was headed overseas to study... so rob added german as a second major so he could go with her. (cute right?!)

here are a few of my favorites!

they are getting married 1.2.10

jessica & rob :: thank you so much for a wonderful day!! you two are so much fun!

05.15.09  |  Weddings

i was called by the producers of whose wedding is it anyway to shoot this wedding - so it was different for me to not even have ever met or contacted the bride and groom before their wedding day.. and not only to have one couple, but two. so to say that it was wild and crazy and filled with all sorts of surprises is an understatement. with that being said... here are a few from the day!

thank you again to amber for second shooting with me! the reception was held at luciens manor.

05.14.09  |  Portraits

i had such a great time shooting with amber on saturday that i asked her if she wanted to be in front of the camera for a few pictures. i still have my collection of LoBoheme hair pieces.... which I am in love with... so I was very excited when she agreed! here are a few of my favorites.

her clutch that she is holding is one of jesse's

next up on the blog is the double wedding for whose wedding is it anyway... so be on the look out :)

05.11.09  |  Weddings

what do you get when two sister's decide to share one wedding day? or when you have James Tramondo planning your wedding? or when one sister's wedding theme is a villa in italy and the others a night club? ...... really good reality tv. on saturday i photographed a wedding for the tv show whose wedding is it anyway?. i just wanted to give you sneak peek at the wild night... i have not even begun to sort thru the over 10,000 images that myself and my second shooter amber took... so until then... enjoy these :)

05.11.09  |  Weddings

i really enjoyed tracy & sean's wedding on friday. it was held at the banana factory - which is one of my favorite places to shoot in the valley.

i started my day right before the ceremony began... and i found sean and his son talking and giving him the rings to hold for the ceremony.

sean and his mom before the cermony... his mother is the owner of artisan's day spa in emmaus - which is one of the best salon's in the lehigh valley.

this is tracy and her dad right before the ceremony.

and here is their slideshow

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