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03.19.11  |  Engagements

it was love at first site for both of them. and today about six years later they will be getting married.

here are a few pictures from the engagement session on wednesday.

geoff and i are ridiculously excited about the wedding today!

03.17.11  |  Engagements

they welcomed me with a lei and macadamia nuts and of course a big hug and even though it was the first time that i had met daryal & christie in person it felt like we had been friends for years. honolulu is incredible. beautiful. warm. and perfect. today it was a bit windy. i sort of loved that - the wind created this image from their engagement session this afternoon.

more to follow

03.14.11  |  Weddings

simply stated - this was an amazing wedding with beautiful details and locations as well as such wonderful families. geoff and i had so much fun spending the weekend with everyone!

we started at ink 48 hotel.

i loved the black dresses with gold necklaces that cecelia had given her bridesmaids. (the dresses were designed by Jenny Yoo)

as guests arrived to studio 450 they were able to see photographs of family member's weddings as well as the bridal party's wedding photos.

their ceremony was very personal. not only were they married by two of their best friends but cecelia's sister sang during the service and it was beautiful.

they passed their wedding rings around to all of the guests so everyone could be part of the marriage.

please forgive the many detail shots. i loved the flowers and the beautiful room. all of the candles were so romantic. the food was catered by real food catering and the flowers were verde flowers.

the cake topper was cecelia's grandparents who have been married for 60 years.

and here is their slideshow

03.12.11  |  Weddings

03.10.11  |  Personal

dear dallas shaw,

every morning after the boys are off to school and before i start my official day i sit down and read your blog. i love your daily dose of beautiful findings and photos and especially when you share your amazing work. i happen to think you are amazingly talented and one of the coolest girls i know. imagine my surprise today when i opened the most incredible present from my wonderful husband who went back on our 'we're not exchanging presents for our 5 year anniversary thing'. i can't tell you how thrilled i am to have this piece of art work in my home!

and to you geoff conklin,

these past 5 years have flown by and it truly feels like just yesterday we were in santa barbara exchanging wedding vows. thank you for balancing me, making me laugh and being my best friend... oh and thanks for going back on the no presents thing! this is the best present ever and i can't believe that you and dallas did this right under my nose.

i also wanted to quickly share that we are getting ready for an amazing wedding in nyc this weekend and then leaving for a wedding in hawaii on tuesday. (!!!) good bye cold rainy weather for one entire week. i will be blogging while we are away but with the time change, travel and turning some of our time in hawaii into a vacation please give me an extra day to respond to emails.

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