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02.13.09  |  News

i am just too excited not to share my new business cards! since i redid my entire logo and website late last year (by the fabulous infinet design) i needed new cards. and who else would i call but two paper dolls! i loved working with them and the design they came up with was absolutely perfect. i honestly can not say enough wonderful things about them!!!

02.11.09  |  Weddings

megan & david have known each other for 14 years - so they have not only a beautiful friendship but they are madly in love with each other! sounds like a perfect match to me!

the polka dots around megan's flowers are actually her grandfather's bow-tie. i thought it was a really wonderful way to honor him and have him with her during the day.

they were married at lehigh chapel and after the service we took advantage of the light that was left...

they had a photobooth set up at the reception for their guests... here is one of them i took while they were getting their picture taken.

and then i had to jump in too :P

oh... while dinner was being served i hung out at the kids table for a little bit and fell in love with this little guy!!! look at his smile and curly hair!

here is their slideshow. i used their first dance song 'forever' by ben harper

02.10.09  |  Portraits

on sunday i photographed gabrielle's first birthday party. she is so sweet and animated and has such a beautiful smile - which comes to no surprise because she is the daughter of raquel & luis. i photographed their wedding a few years ago - so it is wonderful to be part of their daughter's life as well.

here are a few of my favorites.

raquel & luis - thanks for letting me share in such sweet moments!

02.10.09  |  Weddings

nicole and nick met each other on a plane to hawaii. they were both headed there for different reasons and by chance were seated next to one another. they had a great time talking during the flight but once it was over they said goodbye and wished each other luck. one of the passengers who sat behind nicole came up to her and whispered 'you just met your soul mate'. she shrugged it off and started her time in hawaii. after a few days they ran into each other on a beach. they said hello... and now four years later they are standing in front of a room full of their friends & family exchanging wedding vows.

each table had a unique name that reflected their relationship - i thought it was such a personal touch.

here is their slideshow. nicole asked me to use the song 'some where over the rainbow' because it reminded her of their time in hawaii :) the band at the reception was paris. they were so much fun!

02.09.09  |  Weddings

i had two amazing weddings this weekend... i wanted to quickly post two pictures from each...

more to follow tomorrow :)

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