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02.26.09  |  Portraits

felix is just how everyone hoped. beautiful, sweet and perfect - & i happen to think that he has abby's smile.

he was born early yesterday so lauren and i went in this morning to see him and i think that i may have held him longer than i actually took pictures. but look at him!! how can you not want to just hold him??

02.22.09  |  Weddings

roseanne has the best laugh.

she does. its just a simple fact. and luckily she laughed and smiled all day yesterday. geoff and i had a blast photographing their wedding. they are playful and fun and they sure know how to throw a party.

here are a few of our favorites.

their bridal party had two groomsmen on karl's side and one man of honor on roseanne's side

this scarf is from etsy from the seller trendy knitting

karl's boutonniere was hot peppers!

roseanne's dress is from the perfect dress

megan cahill did her hair and carolyn diamond did her makeup

their first dance was the song 'dig' by incubus

and here is the slideshow

02.19.09  |  Personal

last monday was like any other monday. i picked up moses from pre-k and while we were walking out he said to me, "rhiannon gave me a note but she said i could not open it until i got home from school..." so we dug in his backpack and found the note. i read it allowed to him and my heart melted. it just melted. ( i scanned the note and i have it below.) moses blushed... and i realized that this ordinary monday was no longer ordinary - but the day moses had his first girlfriend.

and of course being the mom that i am... i had to coordinate a little date... that i just happened to bring my camera too. i mean who wouldn't want photos of their first crush? so here are a few as well as a slideshow!

they both are missing the same front tooth. i think that they are made for each other :)

here is the slideshow... just press play :)

02.17.09  |  Engagements

02.14.09  |  Engagements

i had such a wonderful time this morning with aaron & dani. we just walked around jacobsburg park talking and taking a few photos here and there :) here are a few of my favorites.

i hope that everyone is having a great valentines day! geoff and i are off to our favorite restaurant sette luna and then to a movie!

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