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11.28.09  |  Weddings

it is funny to watch the snow falling outside my window while i write this blog - when a week ago today we were in sunny key west shooting. sandy & bill's wedding was incredible. the ceremony itself was so sweet and so tear filled. being there was amazing. and geoff and i loved shooting it. here are a few of our favorites.

i loved the headband that she wore. it was a perfect find at kleinfeld's.

the ceremony was held at fort zachary's beach.

the southernmost house was the perfect venue. everything was outside and the night was relaxing and beautiful.

their guest book was awesome. each person left their fingerprint and signed their name on their wedding tree.

they started their first dance to a nina simone song but half way through the record screeched and 'billy jean' came on. it was awesome.

and here is their slideshow

11.28.09  |  Portraits

jackson is just such a little cutie pie. i adore this first picture. it makes me smile!

11.28.09  |  Engagements

i had a great time with lindsey and donnie at their engagement session. they love to travel so i got to hear all of their adventure stories. we took the pictures at seaside park, nj - and basically had the town to ourselves. here are a few of my favorites.

11.27.09  |  Weddings

i am blogging from buffalo new york at the moment! i hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. geoff, the kids and i had a great day with family here in upstate ny. we are looking forward to spending a few more days here as well as heading to the bills vs miami game :)

i am catching up on lots of blogs while i am here and i am starting with carla & mike's beautiful wedding. it was the first time i had ever been to the hotel hershey. it is such a great venue and i loved the room where cocktails were held. here are a few of my favorites.

i thought carla's dress was so pretty.

and here is their slideshow.

11.22.09  |  Weddings

a few more fun facts from their napkins:

fun fact #1: bill used to trap raccoons and possums... skin them.. sell their skins .. and buy penny candy and baseball cards

fun fact #7: bill got a shotgun for his 14th birthday

fun fact #8: sandy auditioned for the bachelor in 2004

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