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10.22.10  |  Weddings

the buckles on allison's shoes were from her great grandmother's shoes. she had found them in the attic and attached them to her wedding shoes. i thought that was so special. i have known allison since we were teenagers so being able to be part of her wedding was really wonderful!

this amazing thunderbird kept driving past us on main street and the owner was sweet enough to pull over so we could grab some photos with his car!

and here is their slideshow

10.22.10  |  Weddings

stefanie & john had an amazing night with friends and family from all over the world and greenville country club was such a beautiful space.

and here is their slideshow

10.21.10  |  Weddings

kat and gabe had such a beautiful day at the lake house inn.

shennon kayal did a beautiful job on kat's makeup.

i love the sailboats in the water.

and here is their slideshow

10.18.10  |  Weddings

10.17.10  |  Weddings

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