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jonas & moses | christmas card photo

11.25.14  |  Personal
it has been an extremely busy fall and the holiday card photo of the boys had been sitting on my to do list for over a month.... but i think it was fate when we had an unseasonable warm day this week. i had also fallen in love with lina & bryan's red barn and they graciously let us shoot there. i love the way it worked out - geoff was to my right telling the kids a funny story about a live turkey running around our house during thanksgiving.

and in other news jonas received his test results from school as to what career he should have and his number one job is a historian. and i can totally see it.

hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving.

jonas & moses

11.09.14  |  Personal
i noticed the other day that it has been a while since i blogged about jonas and moses. i tend to instagram them often but i thought i would share a few highlights from the summer and fall. they seem to be growing up so fast. i remember when i blogged about them looking like teenagers at ages 6 & 7 and here we are one month away from jonas' 12th birthday. this year has certainly had some growing pains with the jump from elementary school to middle school for jonas while moses has been enjoying being in the oldest grade in his school - mostly for the sitting in the back of the bus privileges. they are 13 months apart - so they are each others best friends (most of the time) and although they are totally different in personalities they compliment each other well. if i had to guess today what they will be when they grow up - i would guess either a chef or architect for moses while jonas would be something like a writer or in his words an inventor.
this picture is from florence - outside of our hotel in front of the beautiful olive trees.

these three

06.22.14  |  Personal

the traditional schools out for summer blog

06.17.14  |  Personal
i can't believe that another school year has come to an end! today is the boys last day of school and in our annual house tradition we woke the boys up by blaring alice cooper's summer anthem. this is jonas's last year of elementary school as he is headed into middle school next year. let's not even talk about that yet - i will tackle those emotions at the end of august. but focusing on this past year i am so proud of jonas & moses. they have grown up so much over this past school year and i can't wait to see where they go next!
2013 last day of school
2012 last day of school
2011 last day of school

jonas & moses

03.07.14  |  Personal
back in 2009 i took some photos of the boys in our old neighborhood. since they had off today we decided to take them back to the same spot and take some new photos. it is so hard to believe how much the past 5 years have flown by and how grown up jonas & moses seem to me now. i am so grateful for every beautiful/funny/messy moment with them.