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about geoff

As a second shooter I try not to stand behind Alison and take photos from her same perspective. Often times I'm shooting from across the street or from balconies or hanging off the roofs of buildings. On wedding days I typically start with the groom and his men getting ready and photograph all the fun hectic times we have up until the ceremony. Shots of the groom tying his tie or putting on cufflinks or getting his hair perfect can really add to the overall story of the day. Then at the ceremony while Alison is in the middle aisle making sure to document all the important formalities I'll usually get photos from the balcony or photos of parents holding hands or crying tears of joy. During formal picture time it's more of the same like zooming in on small details while Alison concentrates on documenting the overall scene. The reception is probably my favorite part of every wedding. By that point in the day everything is so much more relaxed. The stressful part is over. People are dancing, drinking and eating great food and then it's time for speeches. There are really only one time in people's lives when someone will stand up in front of a crowd and just tell everyone how much they love and appreciate you. Some of my favorite photos have been during toasts whether it's the best man giving a funny toast or a "tough" dad losing it and crying when talking about his daughter growing up. Emotions are the best moments to capture. I feel it is such an honor that people choose us to document such a momentous occasion in their lives and getting to work with Alison both before during and after a wedding and watching how her mind works really is a privilege. I swear she didn't make me type that! Besides second shooting, I am also in charge of most email correspondence. I take pride when clients will tell Alison "Geoff is really great at getting back to our emails". If you email us and don't hear back within an hour or two it will drive me crazy. When I'm not shooting weddings you can usually find me at a sporting event, at the gym, playing with our kids or trying way too hard to be funny on Facebook - much to Alison's dismay.