jenna - So fun! Great pics of two awesome, beautiful women! The clips are amazing too!  04.04.09, 3:28pm
Raquel - These are very fun! Hey...I'll do this with you anytime! :) I'd love for you to take fun friend pics like this of me and Trisha! Maybe one day we can set that up ;)  04.01.09, 1:25pm
jenn - These are gorgeous as usual! I love the clips...and for a second, I thought that was Bella in the picture! :)  04.01.09, 9:37am
stacy - alison...these are gorgeous! love the clips and the style you have created with your artistic touch! just beautiful!  04.01.09, 7:26am
Stephanie - So pretty! Looks like fun. :) I'm going to visit their shop now...  04.01.09, 3:02am
ginny - your work is always so thoughtful and you have your style in everything you do. these hair clips are to die for. i LOVE them. oh and your friends are beautiful.  03.31.09, 9:47pm
Briony - i love these...they are absolutely beautiful! these hair things are fab :)  03.31.09, 9:40pm
Erica - VERY beautiful! I love these hair clips- so fun! Maybe I should get one for our trash the dress!!  03.31.09, 7:55pm