Maria DeVito - Each and everyone of these pics are just beautiful..The love you both share is amazing to me..remember this day for the rest of your life and your bond will forever remain. Best wishes to you both..I couldnt be more happy for u Melissa & Cos.. I love you my cousin..Keep Smiling <3 Maria xo  09.27.13, 9:34am
Allison - I LOVE everything about this. The emotion, the car, his suit, the venue. Her smile is beautiful. Picture perfect. Awesome job!  09.26.13, 10:45pm
Alisa - Beautiful Bride, Handsome Groom. A wedding that will never be forgotten. Their love filled the Venue. The pictures that the photographer captured are truly BEAUTIFUL.  09.26.13, 10:07pm
Laura Heinne - Just incredible. So much emotion. So much love. What a beautiful couple. Love the farm!!  09.26.13, 9:05am
jenn - um, WOW! Stunning to say the least. These are absolutely AMAZING. What a picture perfect wedding and a gorgeous couple. These have "magazine" written all over them.  09.25.13, 10:44pm
Nicole - What a beautiful bride! Love the venue too!  09.25.13, 8:54pm
Amanda Burns - Absolutely beautiful photographs from what looks like a dream come true wedding! I love each and every one of them, I can only imagine how ecstatic the couple must be to have these images forever.  09.25.13, 4:44pm