Tribhuvan & Uma Lanka - Congrats !!! Mrs. Vitanza, you both look very beautiful togeather. Wish you a happy married life.Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.  04.03.09, 5:20pm
Zamir Booker - You are the best teacher and you look beautiful Mrs. Vitanza nice wedding pictures and thank you for sharing your slide show. :)  04.01.09, 5:22pm
Gloria & Nathalie Antigua - We truly enjoyed each and every of picture. You looked absolutely beautiful!  04.01.09, 4:04pm
Joanne - Alison: The slideshow is great!! You captured wonderful moments that will be remembered always. Thank you for everything and I am sure I will see you in the future. Joanne (Lisa's Mom)  04.01.09, 10:15am
Nancy DeBernardis - These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Lis, you are a gorgeous bride. I love the shots with the Dads tearing up - it made me cry!!  03.31.09, 9:22pm
Shari - You guys are absolutely gorgeous! The slideshow is amazing.  03.31.09, 7:50pm
Aunt Donna - Alison- brilliant,beautiful pics- can't wait for more  03.31.09, 6:49pm
Mark Brooke - Clever photo with the iphones! Love the photos!  03.31.09, 11:56am
Carrie Eliopoulos - The picture of you and Dom dancing when he kisses you on the forehead is so sweet!  03.31.09, 9:27am
Lisa and Dominick Fama - I love, love, love it! The slideshow is awesome. I can't wait to show my students tomorrow. They are going to be thrilled to see themselves. Alison, what an amazing job you did! We can't wait to see all the pictures!  03.31.09, 9:19am
kelly - What a beautiful slideshow!! Emily was clapping as we were watching it :) We had a great time celebrating your special day. Wishing the two of you much happiness <3  03.31.09, 8:26am
Melissa Heath - The church is absolutely gorgeous. I teared up when I saw the pic. on you and your dad dancing!  03.31.09, 7:57am
Kimbelry Hannigan - Lisa, these are stunning! Your photographer did an amazing job! Best wishes to both of you! I can't wait to see the entire slideshow!  03.31.09, 6:39am
Sarah Ginter - YAY! Alison, what gorgeous photographs! I am so happy for Lisa and Dom! xoxo  03.31.09, 5:34am
maryann rubenstein - alison you out did your self once again,just are so talented...soglad we met you,you will know us forever...  03.30.09, 9:11pm
Lisa Vitanza and Dominick Fama - Alison your pictures are stunning and gorgeous. You captured so many wonderful memories of our wedding day! We are so happy to have you share our day with us! We can't wait to see the slide show. Dom's favorite is the iphone pic and mine is the first picture with the girls. I love the way my dress looks and the colors are beautiful. THANKS! Love Lisa and Dom!  03.30.09, 4:17pm
Parsons Sunshine - You look beautiful. May you have a life full of happiness. Your friends at Parsons Elementary School.  03.30.09, 12:33pm
Dawn - These photographs are gorgeous!  03.30.09, 12:24pm
Mike Panic - The iPhone pic is CLASSIC. Expect to see many a person copy that one!  03.30.09, 10:31am
jenn - Gorgeous as usual! I love the 1st shot and the iPhone shot!  03.30.09, 9:31am
Jeff - That I-Phone shot is pure genius Alison. You just keep on raising the bar. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!  03.30.09, 9:13am
Kristin - Hi Alison! It was great to see you this weekend. Thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful memories of my baby sister's wedding. We can't wait to see the slide show!  03.30.09, 8:16am
Sarah Neal - This (and all your other work) is amazing! Just found you through the Infinet portfolio. Your website is gorgeous and your work is really refreshing amongst all the cliche stuff that I see in our industry. Beautiful stuff. :)  03.30.09, 7:53am
stacy - love the first shot of the bridesmaids helping her to the cute! the color of the girls dresses just pops! :)  03.30.09, 7:51am