denise - I can't stop giggling looking at these photos. cute cute cute cute cute overload on the cute!  02.13.10, 6:30pm
kelly - wait - where are the photos from dates two and three?  03.31.09, 2:28pm
kelly - DATE NUMBER TWO!!!!!! I'm dying from Cuteness.  03.31.09, 2:27pm
Rachel - That is THE cutest pics I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!  03.30.09, 12:05pm
sandra - absolutely to cute for words  03.29.09, 6:18pm
Rebecca - How adorable!!!! Rhiannon is turning into quite a fine young lady. We miss you!!  03.29.09, 5:40pm
Kim - It really doesn't get any cuter than the over sized glasses and missing teeth! Soooo adorable!!!  03.28.09, 10:05pm
Mandi - OH MY GOSH! So cute. Are you going to go on all his dates until he gets married?  03.28.09, 6:15pm
Mary - They are soooooooo cute!!! They look like they are Modeling for a GAP Ad.  03.28.09, 4:26pm
Amy Guest - these kids are adorable! great shots!  03.28.09, 10:26am
brooke @ claremont road - I can't even handle the cuteness!  03.28.09, 5:49am
Erica - AWWWWWWWW this is getting serious ;) Too adorable for words  03.27.09, 8:30pm
Marion - We had a great day with you guys and I have to say the first picture is my favourite too.....and the one where Moses was trying to get Birdie's hand out of her sleeve so he can hold it!!! Very funny pair....LOVE them!!! (thanks again Alison (and Moses) for inviting us)  03.27.09, 7:37pm
Amber Danese - these are an absolute riot!! they're so cute!!!  03.27.09, 5:56pm
jenn - Oh my CUTE! The first picture is my FAVORITE! They look like a little couple! SO adorable!  03.27.09, 4:51pm
ac - they are both absolutely adorable!  03.27.09, 4:01pm
alison conklin - hi briony - i thought it was really cute and the 3D was amazing... they keep getting better and better with the effects. so i say yes - its worth the money :) thanks for checking my blog! have a great weekend.  03.27.09, 3:54pm
Briony - they are too cute! he has the most beautiful eyes and her freckles are adorable. how was the movie? is it worth the extra money to see it in 3D at the IMAX?  03.27.09, 3:35pm
stacy - OMG...i LOVE it!  03.27.09, 3:16pm
danielle - so cute. i love the shots with the shades!  03.27.09, 3:14pm