jenna - Stacy - Ethan is THE cutest!  03.26.09, 1:52pm
Trish - So adorable! Great backround. I totally want an Alison Conklin T-shirt!  03.26.09, 7:49am
jenn - I love these! Ethan is so adorable, and has amazing eyes! What a cutie!  03.25.09, 5:32pm
Mike McNett - Love the first one, nice DOF and catchlights in the eyes. He He, with the watermark he looks like he is wearing an Alison Conklin baby shirt.  03.25.09, 4:21pm
cindy - amazing baby portraits! :)  03.25.09, 4:18pm
Stephanie - Beautiful shots! He is so cute... he's got some gorgeous eyes too. :)  03.25.09, 3:42pm
stacy - aliosn...thank you so much! these are soooooo adorable! :) i can't wait to make a huge canvas print and hang it on ethan's wall!!!  03.25.09, 12:57pm
Briony - He is adorable and the pics are perfect. I love all the overhead shots!  03.25.09, 11:34am
Jeff - It seems like an even trade in the end Alison. You take beautiful pics of this cute kid, while watching your friend do the not so fun work. It would of worked for me too. Great work!  03.25.09, 11:24am