jessica - what a beautiful wedding! love all of their details.  07.04.12, 4:11am
Rici - Simply Beautiful! I love the sunbrella and that the window is open in the second last picture. Nice.  06.26.12, 5:16am
jenn - beautful wedding, beautiful couple. I love the last shot.  06.25.12, 8:04am
lisa - love love love your work allison. it is over the top beautiful and top notch. all the very best to you and yours!!!  06.22.12, 3:09am
Heather - absolutely lovely!  06.21.12, 9:40pm
Tammy - Stunning photos!  06.21.12, 9:11pm
Allison - The B&W's are super!! LOVE...  06.21.12, 12:17pm
Ann - Such pretty sparkle. Lovely wedding - beautiful couple - outstanding photos as always.  06.20.12, 11:11pm
nicole - love the dress - and the parasols! what a nice looking couple  06.20.12, 3:26pm