Joanne and Jim - Alison and Geoff, You are incredible talents and we are thrilled that you could spend the day with us! This photo is gorgeous and we can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! xoxo thank you so much! Jo and Jim  04.23.12, 5:27pm
mackenzie rouse - absolutely stunning  04.23.12, 5:10pm
mike - Ooh! Looking forward to seeing the rest...  04.22.12, 11:16pm
Julie - Steve and I love this picture. It was definitely worth the extra walk...despite the heels :) Can't wait to see more!  04.22.12, 9:41pm
jenn - so beautiful! I love the petals all over the ground.  04.22.12, 8:16pm
Allison - Pretty, Pretty Picture....Can't wait to see the rest!  04.22.12, 7:08pm