Kristen - Just saw this for the first time. love it!!!  02.16.12, 8:41pm
maria felton - wow! i just loved this!! what a beautiful family you have. and the part at the end with everyone singing to your aunt and her laughing- totally made me tear up!! SO beautiful!!! what a treasure!!!  12.12.11, 9:16am
Alicia Nathanson - Can't say it honored...xo  12.02.11, 12:56pm
Lauren - Your family seems very close. I'm glad the kids are close to your mom's relatives, it looks like they love being with them. :)  12.01.11, 9:17am
Allison - A- I think you already know how I feel about this....exceptional in every way. Simple, Funny, Kind, Loving, Gentle, Beautiful, Heartfelt, Precious....A few words that come to mind. -A  11.30.11, 10:19pm
jenn - well you already know how I feel about this, but I'll say it again...what an amazing treasure. I was so teary through the whole thing, but between the happy birthday to your aunt, and then Jo asking if his kids would watch it someday, I absolutely lost it. Beautiful memories, even more beautiful family.  11.30.11, 2:55pm
Kim - and now I'm crying. . . at work! what an amazing video. i love the way it was all put together and the music that she chose, but the real beauty is in your family! what great moments to have on film. i love love love the interviews (and Geoff's fro)  11.29.11, 3:26pm
Marcee - This is awesome!!! I loved it!!! Makes me wanna get my video camera out more too - these are precious moments to cherish forever! P.S. Love when Geoff's fab fro makes an appearance here and there.  11.29.11, 10:49am
Jen M. - This is so incredibly sweet, Alison! Jonas asking if his kids will watch this video just melts my heart! Makes me realize how important it is to get out that video camera.  11.28.11, 2:26pm
Erica - SO cute! Love the whole thing. Makes me super excited to cook with K! You have a beautiful family :)  11.28.11, 12:07pm