kate + jj - alison and geoff, thank you thank you!! these are gorgeous! jj and i have been relieving the day by looking through these beautiful pictures every day! we cannot wait to see the rest!  11.29.11, 11:00am
Carrie - Such beautiful pictures of an absolutely stunning couple and their wedding! They also definitely do the Villanova campus justice. Well done! Congrats Kate & JJ!!!  11.27.11, 9:35pm
jenn - I love every one of these, but the limo shot of the bride is gorgeous! Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding!  11.26.11, 3:58pm
Nicole - Can't stop looking! Everything about this day was so beautiful! Can't wait to see more!  11.21.11, 8:02pm
Michelle - Wow! Fantastic! The images really transport you to the Villanova campus on a beautiful fall day.  11.21.11, 7:50pm
Jeanne O - Absolutely beautiful bride and handsome groom. Magnificent photos that capture the moment!!  11.21.11, 7:35pm
Colleen - Absolutely Beautiful!  11.21.11, 4:45pm
nicole - stunning shots of Villanova U and the church!!!  11.21.11, 4:31pm