geoff c - Linette, The pinwheels were on display next to the Intrepid Museum, near 44th Street and 12th Avenue. They are not there anymore but I believe they are on a limited tour. For more info go to Thanks for the question and for visiting Alison's blog!  11.06.11, 12:07pm
Linette - Those pinwheels are awesome! Where are they?!  11.05.11, 1:03pm
Danielle - Work it, work it, own it, love it. So happy for you two - one of the best couples I know! Love you both and can't wait for the big day.  09.29.11, 8:50pm
Mark - Wow, that Mark fella is a real handsome dude. Lori looks pretty good too. Thank Alison. Pictures look great.  09.29.11, 6:58pm
Kara - Lori and Mark your engagements pics are beautiful; you are so lucky to have one another and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!  09.29.11, 1:06pm
Dana - The pictures are fantastic! I'm not surprised, given your models!! Beautiful backdrops and expressions!  09.27.11, 4:28pm
Rachel - These pictures are great, you guys look adorable As Mark's sister, I know how much they love being in front of the camera, especially Mark.  09.27.11, 11:30am
Ann - Stunning! Love the colors.  09.26.11, 10:50pm
Jenn - Love these! Beautiful couple, and what a beautiful day! I really love the red outfits. Can't wait to see the rest.  09.26.11, 10:32pm
Kristin - I was so excited when I found out Lori was taking her engagement pics with you since we had so much fun at my wedding! LOVE all of the pictures and I can't wait to see the rest :)  09.26.11, 9:39pm
Michelle - What lovely photos. Lori is one of my very good friends and I know how excited she was for her and Mark's photo session. All the photos came out beautiful and captured their love for one another and their happiness together. :)  09.26.11, 8:59pm
Sarah - Love the graffiti and windmills made of license plates! What a perfect find! Beautiful couple.  09.26.11, 8:40pm