Donna Dickey - Alison, Thank you for doing an outstanding job for my daughter's wedding. You captured every special moment!  02.14.11, 6:47pm
Colette Milligan - Kristen And Greg, What a beautiful wedding!!! You both look great and so happy. Kristen, I work with your Mom at Culbertson. Thanks for sharing your pictures with me. You look beautiful! Happy Marriage! Love, Colette Milligan  02.11.11, 4:30pm
maria felton - wow. just wow.  02.09.11, 10:11am
Jamie - This wedding is OUTSTANDING. Amazing everything and the pictures are to die for.  02.05.11, 5:10pm
Antoinette Stanior - watching your pictures I always have the wish that people's life keeps the life, the love, the happiness your pictures show! Just wonderful, perfect, awesome!  02.03.11, 1:01pm
kristin & greg - Alison, thank you so much for capturing the day so perfectly! You're the best :)  01.29.11, 3:29pm
Donna O'Brien - Your photos captured the beauty of the bride, groom and her family! You made our flowers shine too! Thank You!  01.21.11, 9:56pm
Becca - WOW! What an amazing start to this year, Alison and Geoff! I didn't think it was possible you could get any better, but you keep doing it. You guys are the best.  01.21.11, 2:39pm
ALLISON - Ummm...alright...Could this bride get any cuter? The dress is unbelievable and I love all the different hair pieces....LOVE her style. And Alison and Geoff - love the shots - as always ; )  01.21.11, 2:21pm
ALLISON - The year is already off to a fabulous start Alison! These photos are to die for! Stunning! ; )  01.19.11, 10:56am
John Hall - Best yet, really outstanding!  01.19.11, 2:09am
maya - Alison! I love walking onto a job and realizing that you are the photographer because then I know there will be delicious eye candy to look at later:) These shots are beautiful. As always you make us all look so good!  01.18.11, 7:20pm
Jenn - I am wiping the drool off my key board. These images are divine. The wedding is glamourous and breath taking. Her dress is the prettiest dress I have ever seen. What an amazing event. I could stare at these all day. Such beautiful moments. You and Geoff are so talented - your work is inspirational.  01.18.11, 2:32pm
Kate - Always such beautiful heartfelt moments that you seem to capture...they are a gorgeous couple as well. I always love seeing the work you decide to share here on your blog. Exceptional....  01.18.11, 2:14pm
jenn - I am obsessed with her dress. The PERFECT winter wedding dress, and it looks amazing on her! The picture of her mother wiping away her dad's tears made me tear up. These are absolutely gorgeous.  01.18.11, 1:55pm
Sarah Neal - The one of them on the lit street is AWESOME! Some of your best work ever. WELL.. DONE...!  01.18.11, 12:19pm
jessica - gorgeous pictures, alison! what an elegant winter wedding :)  01.18.11, 11:19am
Denise - Unbelievably beautiful! The bride is stunning and I love the feathers on her dress. I love the photo of the band's shadow projected onto the curtain. What a magical day for the bride & groom and you captured it.  01.18.11, 9:09am
nicole - I may or may not be bias... but Winter Weddings are just amazing. This wedding pulls out all the stops of grace, elegance and glamor! Congrats to Kristin and Greg! What a beautiful photos that you will treasure forever... Amazing job (as always) Alison!!!!  01.18.11, 8:41am
Tina - GORGEOUS photos, great work! LOVE her dress:)  01.18.11, 7:53am
stacy - stunning photos...that wedding was absolutely gorgeous! what a beautiful bride and groom! lovely!!!!  01.18.11, 6:30am