Beth - What wonderful pictures - I watched the slide show today, and loved it! I was so sorry to miss the big day, but this was a wonderful treat - made me feel how wonderful it must have been.  12.06.10, 8:52pm
Mrs. L - To my second daughter: I cried when I saw these. What an honor to be part of the start of your life together. Thank you!  12.02.10, 9:47am
Rachel Debuque - These pictures are so great. Megan- you looked so beautiful!  12.02.10, 12:29am
Lindsay - Beautiful Photos! One of my favorites is the bride & groom seated at the ceremony smiling away & the outside evening shots!!! Can't wait to see more...  12.01.10, 11:25am
Mary Ann (mom) - Yes, it is a classic Megan laugh!! You both look radiant and thanks a million to Alison, you sure know how to capture the moment! Can't wait for the rest!  11.30.10, 8:49pm
Jeff D - Fantastic teaser pics from a very fun and beautiful wedding. Can't wait to see more... Meg - don't rush back. 39 and raining in Bethlehem. Enjoy your honeymoon!  11.30.10, 12:07pm
Aunt Peggy - WONDERFUL! The second photo is absolutely breathtaking! Megan Lucy and Erik the "wedding" was perfect.We love you both.  11.30.10, 11:24am
Rita - Tessa, you are absolutely right! The pictures are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! We are so happy that Megan is part of our family!  11.30.10, 5:35am
Tessa - the second picture is so beautiful. You captured Megan just like we all know her; happy and stunning! Love them all and cannot wait to see the rest!  11.29.10, 10:18pm
jenn - The last picture is magical! Can't wait to see the rest!  11.29.10, 1:43pm
laura - usually your blog is my mid-day treat.. but an early morning look.. and sigh, I felt like I was watching a fairytale as I took in these three pictures! You bring amazing stories to life - I felt that the first time I saw your work those many years ago : )  11.29.10, 9:09am
Megan A - Alison! These are breathtaking. I am going to be racing back from the honeymoon to see the rest! Thank you so much for everything.  11.28.10, 8:24pm
kate - I get lost in your photos. They are filled with emotion and love. Very inspirational work!  11.28.10, 5:30pm
Sarah - Flipping amazing. That horse shot is incrediable  11.28.10, 2:09pm
Ann - Gosh these are amazing. Love night photos and her dress looks spectacular. Can't wait to see more!!  11.28.10, 12:48pm