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11.28.11  |  Personal

when we were on our vacation in the outer banks this summer (same week hurricane irene decided to visit) i decided to capture some footage of our great times together. it was actually the first time i played around with the video functions of the canon 5d. when we got home i sent the raw footage to my friend alicia at blossom productions so she could put it all together.

this thanksgiving my family was scattered miles apart from each other. it was the first time in 3 years that we haven't been able to spend the holiday together. but i randomly checked my email and saw the video that alicia had put together. it was the most perfect gift to receive - after watching it over and over again i am still amazed and so thankful to have this video. i can't believe that she was able to take my very raw video and turn it into an absolute treasure.

below is the video if you would like to check it out. there are so many moments that i love - but one of the most beautiful moments for me is when everyone was throwing balloons and singing to my aunt for her birthday. i love seeing her laugh and having the kids lead the song. i also love the interview i do with jonas near the end of the footage. but i love the entire thing and how alicia placed everything together is pure magic and i am so grateful.

i hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! i have two weddings that i am very excited to share this week! so stay tuned!