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07.22.11  |  Weddings

there wasn't a cloud in the sky for their wedding - ashley & ryan were blessed with such a beautiful day.

and here is their slideshow

07.22.11  |  Engagements

07.18.11  |  Weddings

gina's identical twin sister gave such a sweet and funny toast. my favorite line was how gina was the most beautiful bride she had ever seen and it wasn't because they looked alike.

their day was filled with all sorts of beautiful moments. another one of my favorite things was when freddy surprised her during the ceremony with a speech sharing his love for her. it took everyone by surprise and it was so sweet.

tendenza is such an amazing space!

and here is their slideshow

07.18.11  |  Weddings

07.17.11  |  Weddings

i am so excited to share that kristin & greg's gorgeous winter wedding at the crystal tea room was just published in philadelphia wedding's fall/winter 2011 magazine.

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