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12.24.08  |  News

how do i follow a post as heart breaking as norah's? every part of me has been grieving since i heard the news and i have been overwhelmed with all of the blog comments and love that has been shown to the ogden family. i want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for reading it and keeping them in your hearts. i also want to say thank you so much to all of my clients and blog readers who have never met them other than to watch the photos that i have posted on the blog. besides my own children, norah is the child that i have photographed most and the fact that the photograph's have then let you watch her grow and now give you reason to want to help and pray for them truly overwhelms me.

a few weeks back i posted a blog about the giving is awesome project. i stated that i would be announcing the winner tonight on christmas eve. i have been flooded with emails and story after story that has touched my heart. i wish that i could pick everyone. i wish that i could make everything ok and celebrate the challenges that people have overcome in their lifetime. i want to thank everyone who has written in to me. geoff and i read and talked about each entry. there was one that neither of us could stop thinking about.

this family was nominated over and over again by so many people.

here is one of the emails that i received about sean recke

My name is Jennifer, and I am an 8th grade teacher at Salisbury Middle School in Allentown. I would like to nominate Sean Recke, our Technology teacher, for your photo contest.

In 2005-2006, Sean's six-year-old son Adam was diagnosed Niemann-Picke Type C (NPC) disease. Niemann Pick, also known as Childhood Alzheimers, is a genetic, pediatric, neurodegenerative disorder. Niemann-Pick Type C has about 500 cases diagnosed worldwide.

There are 4 cases in Pennsylvania and 150 in the USA. Adam is one of those 4 in Pennsylvania! Niemann Pick Type C is always fatal. The vast majority of children die before the age of 20 (and many die before the age of 10).

Adam is now 8 years old is a third grader who attends Farmersville Elementary School. He loves playing baseball and soccer. Adam receives occupational and physical therapy weekly. He is participating in a Natural History Study at the National Institute of Health in Betheda, Maryland. During each visit, Adam undergoes a barrage of tests that include audiology, swallowing, eye movement, fine motor skills, blood samples, MRI of the brain, and a lumbar puncture. Throughout all these obstacles, Adam and his family continue to show such reliance.

Sean and his beautiful family are truly a gift to us at Salisbury Middle School. I am typically not the best with words, but I wrote this poem in honor Sean.

I watch a man walk around with a beautiful smile;
He carries the burden of the world on his shoulders.

This man spends his day building and repairing lives.
He lifts children who have been worn down by life.

This man himself is shattered by his son's smile.

I see a man who has so much strength in his hands
To repair the most technical problem he finds.
This man has been paralyzed by a doctor's diagnosis.

This man sees beauty in everyone and maintains HOPE,
For himself, his wife, but most importantly his children.

Words can not justify all the reasons Sean Recke deserves the wonderful gift. We are all so much better having him in our lives. Sean stands as a constant reminder of what is important in life; family!

so with that... i am calling sean as i type.

merry christmas to everyone. you truly have showed me what exactly this holiday season is about.

12.22.08  |  Personal

it is with trembling hands that i write this blog. my dear friends abby & josh ogden lost their daughter norah early on saturday morning. she had just celebrated her birthday last month and abby is pregnant with a son that is due this march. below are the details about what happened to their sweet little girl.

"Norah's autopsy revealed that her small intestines suffered a birth defect. Her intestine was twisted and knotted. The cells had become completely dead. Her other organs responded to this and her heart and lungs failed. The condition she had is rare and almost undetectable through x-ray or ultrasound. An exploratory surgery is the best way to detect it. However, Norah had no symptoms until a few hours before her death. Josh and Abby feel blessed to have been given 13 1/2 months with Norah, as most infants die much earlier from this specific defect."

i have photographed norah a few times and i wanted to post the images of her. i also wanted to ask for everyone to please keep abby & josh ogden in your thoughts and prayers and instead of flowers their family has asked for donations to cover the funeral costs and any other needs they may have. if you feel like you want to do something you can send a check to new covenant community church 21 E. Broad Street Bethlehem, PA 18018. please make sure to note that this for josh and abby ogden. you can also make a donation with a credit card online at the church's website as well using paypal. just scroll to the bottom of the website and you will see the donate to the norah ogden fund.

the funeral will be held tomorrow at 1pm at the church above. if you have any questions please email me.

here are a few of the pictures that i have taken during norah's life. i truly have no words to describe the sorrow that i am feeling. and i just wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to read this blog. i believe that in moments like this the best thing that we can do is rally together to do anything we can for each other.

so with that, please enjoy the photos of such a beautiful little girl.

i also have to say thank you so much to the kind people over at dans camera city in allentown who printed the images for me in such short time. it means so much.

::edited to add::

at the funeral today the quote that was on the back of norah's card was this.

" suppose that the earthly lives she and i shared for a time are in reality... two eternal somethings. those somethings could be pictured as two eternal circles. two circles that touched. but those circles, above all the point at which they touched, are the very thing i am mourning for, homesick for, famished for. you tell me 'she goes on.' but my heart and body are crying out, come back, come back, come back. be a circle touching my circle..."

-c.s. lewis

12.21.08  |  Portraits

it was so nice to see courtney, jon and the family today. i photographed their wedding a little over two years ago and it was definitely one of my favorite weddings i have ever photographed.

here is baby jack. he is just the cutest.

i thought since i did love courtney & jon's wedding so much that i would post a few of their photos on this blog as well.

12.20.08  |  Engagements

last night we had a snow storm that left everything covered in snow and ice.... which ended up being the perfect backdrop for alyssa and jim's engagement photos. we trudged through the elements for each location but i had such a great time that i barely noticed.

here are a few of my favorites.

12.18.08  |  Portraits

the story goes something like this... wendy & paul were set up on a blind date... fell madly in love... were married over two years ago and now have the sweetest little guy named braydon. i met them at a photo shoot i did for a local salon.. they were the models and wendy had the cutest baby belly. i was so excited when they emailed for a family session.

here are a few of my favorites from this morning.

this is bella

this is bettis (i wonder what nfl team dad likes...)

i love this picture just because bella looks cute :)

(the dogs were pretty sure i was there just to photograph them)

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