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06.10.15  |  Personal

alice cooper's "schools out for summer" blasting in the house - check

another year completed - check check

the last time one of my kids will be in elementary school - woah - check check check

i am not sure where time goes. i know i say it every year but it's just so true. the boys are growing up so quickly. this year was a big year for both of them. it was moses' last year of elementary school and jonas' first year of middle school. that was a bit of a transition for jonas but once he got the hang of the lockers and changing classes he was able to really shine. he joined vocal ensemble about half way through the year and just recently was accepted into student council and eye-tv. (which is totally his thing right now - he is obsessed with cameras, editing video, and storylines... wonder where he gets it?!) next year will be another big year for him as he takes on all of these extra activities and a handful of honors classes but i can't tell you how proud i am that he is pursuing things that he loves. moses very much enjoyed being a 5th grader and one of the "big kids" in his school. he is excited to be reunited with his brother in middle school in a few months. moses' highlights from the year were his solo in the spring concert and getting a student of the month award. he is looking forward to the variety of after school clubs that he can join next year. this summer, besides finishing up his soccer season, jonas is enrolled for two weeks at musikfest camp. he has really taken a liking to piano and will perform with a band at musikfest on august 7th! moses will be taking more cooking classes at 29 cooks culinary center as well as attending wrestling camp in a few weeks at liberty high school. his baseball team has made the playoffs and they're getting ready for a championship run! i love moses wearing his brother's hand-me-downs in this years photo, it shows how much they've both grown over the year!

04.19.15  |  Personal

"in the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt."

margaret atwood

03.20.15  |  Personal

02.04.15  |  Personal

jonas & moses know the rules. every snow day off from school equals a 5 minute photo shoot.

i think it's a pretty fair trade off.

11.25.14  |  Personal

it has been an extremely busy fall and the holiday card photo of the boys had been sitting on my to do list for over a month.... but i think it was fate when we had an unseasonable warm day this week. i had also fallen in love with lina & bryan's red barn and they graciously let us shoot there. i love the way it worked out - geoff was to my right telling the kids a funny story about a live turkey running around our house during thanksgiving.

and in other news jonas received his test results from school as to what career he should have and his number one job is a historian. and i can totally see it.

hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving.

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